Short term trading strategy of spot gold, silver, crude oil and foreign exchange in August 30th

  In the Asian session on Friday (August 30th), the US dollar index rose sharply, approaching the overnight high of the overnight market. The US consumer data in the two quarter was unexpectedly fixed to the highest position in four and a half years, providing support for the exchange rate, short term bias to the bull market, and spot gold was weakening slightly. In addition to the strong US dollar, there were some optimistic expectations in the international trade situation, and also the demand for hedging. There was a further demand for the short-term gold prices. The crude oil market, oil prices kept most of the gains in the night, the global stock market rose, and the sudden drop in the US crude oil delivery center inventory, all provided support for the oil price, and the short term was biased towards the shock upside.

  Hot spots in financial markets in August 30th

  1. Germany's actual retail sales month rate in July;

  2, the euro area did not adjust the CPI annual rate in August.

  3, the US PCE price index for July;

  4. Us personal expenditure data for July;

  5. The US Chicago PMI in August;

  6. US crude oil drilling data (the next morning);

  7. Relevant news on international trade situation;

  8, Britain's news about Europe.

  Short term trend analysis of spot gold, silver, crude oil and foreign exchange in August 30th Foreign exchange trading agent



  1, US dollar index:

  Analysis: Although the US GDP growth rate was slightly lower in the two quarter, it basically met the market expectations, while the US consumer spending in the two quarter was revised from 4.3% to 4.7%, the best performance in four and a half years. On the other hand, the market remained stable. There were some optimistic interest rates in the international trade situation. The market's concerns about the US recession were cooling down, which provided support for the US dollar. Investors would pay attention to the PCE data of the US in the evening of July. At present, the technology side tends to be short.

  Daily line level: concussion rise; KDJ golden fork, MACD also initially formed a golden fork, the exchange rate initially broke the resistance near the high point 98.45 last week, and the market is expected to re test the high point 98.94 near August 1st. Short term, there are still some resistance near brin rail line 98.67.

  The 5 day average line support is now near 98.25, and the 20 day moving average is near 97.97. If the accident falls to the bottom of the position, it will increase the risk of returning to the downtrend.

  4 hour level: unilateral rise; MACD gold fork, Bollinger line opening, exchange price short line bias along the brin line up to run, there is no obvious resistance level above the short line, can refer to the analysis of the daily line level.

  Below 98.45 has been transformed into a preliminary support, further supporting in the vicinity of 98.22, if the accident falls to the bottom of the position, it will weaken the short-term bullish signal, and the bollingline support will be near 98.11.

  Resistance: 98.67; 98.94; 99.26; 99.49; 99.89;

  Support: 98.22; 98.11; 97.98; 97.85; 97.59;

  Conclusion: before losing 98.22, the short-term bias was upward.

  2. Spot gold:

  Analysis: because the job market is stable, and consumer spending in the United States is the strongest in four and a half years, the financial market has cooled down on the expectation of economic recession, and the US dollar index has reached a new high of four weeks. The international trade situation has also emerged. The global stock market is rising, and the risk aversion has been suppressed. The gold price has been hindered by Yu Qiang's resistance level, and there is a further risk of callback in the short term.

  Daily line level: high level shocks initially built top; gold trading on the last day was blocked by the resistance near the 1550 integer pass, the line was recorded, the K-line issued a similar "swallow up" bearish signal, the MACD top deviated from the initial dead fork, the KDJ high initial dead fork, the gold price short term initially peaked, the market facing the risk of further callback, initially supporting near the 20 day moving average 1509.63, then supporting near the 1500 integer gate, last week's low point supporting near 1492.20, strong support near 1479.71, August 13th low point and 1160-1555 Zhang si de 19.1% retracement support near the location.

  The strong support of the center line is near the high of 1452.89 in July 19th. Short term, there are also some support near the 10 day moving average 1519.08, which is also close to the overnight low.

  The upper 5 day mean line resistance is near 1532.04; before recovering the position, the market is biased downward; the overnight high resistance is near 1550, and if the accident is broken, the short term bullish signal will be added.

  4 hour level: high concussion; MACD and KDJ are running, and the price of gold is being tested near brink line 1520.44 near the track. If the support is lost, the short line bearer signal will be increased; further support will be near 1508.50; the 38.2% withdrawal position of the 1400-1555 rally will be near 1496.

  Since the opening of the Bollinger line is not obvious, if the gold price unexpectedly breaks the resistance near the middle track of the Ru Lin line, it will weaken the short line bearer signal, and may again explore the resistance near brin rail line 1549.30.

  Resistance: 1530; 1534.83; 1539.28; 1545.17; 1549.30;

  Support: 1519.02; 1508.76; 1500; 1496; 1492.20;

  Short term operation suggestion: choose the machine short.

  Special reminder 1: investors need to recognize that for ordinary investors, most of the time should be wait-and-see, patience and waiting for the best opportunities, and avoiding frequent trading is a recognized magic weapon. Do not attempt to seize all the volatility, nor expect to judge every market correctly.

  Special reminder 2: judging the market is just a part of the transaction. Investors also need to be in awe of the market, keep discipline in mind, strictly control the positions, reduce greed, overcome fear, and try to maintain a normal mind to do business. Because the strategy contains too much price, please forgive me for the mistakes and shortcomings of individual editing.